RADIANCE offers on-line one-to-one clinics where researchers can have individual targeted support from a RADIANCE instructor, following attendance to modules and short courses. Participants should submit a form outlining the area of learning they want reinforced and topics/questions for clarification. The form will be reviewed and participants will be contacted to arrange an appointment. Clinics will last for 30 minutes and no more than 2 clinics can be booked by the same individual in any given year.


RADIANCE courses are targeted to the broad community of UK data scientists working in public health. They include epidemiologists, clinicians, data engineers/informaticians, statisticians, as well as quantitative researchers from other disciplines (e.g. psychology, social sciences, health economics).

They may be from academia, charities, government departments and non-profitable organisations.

We are sorry but undergraduate and master students are not eligible to attend our courses.

Attendees’ research aims may span from descriptive to predictive to causal, therefore our training will be delivered at various levels of depth and cater for different skill requirements and career stages.

All our courses are free to attend. Priority is given to UK professionals, UK PhD students, followed by international professionals and students.

Registration is required for modules and courses.