Bianca De Stavola

Professor of Medical Statistics, UCL

Bianca’s areas of expertise include causal inference, analysis of longitudinal and survival data, growth modelling, and life course epidemiology.​

Paola Zaninotto

Professor of Medical and Social Statistics, UCL

Paola’s areas of expertise include longitudinal data analysis, time-to-event methods, structural equation models, multiple imputation, multistate life tables methods.


Feifei Bu

Senior Research Fellow in Statistics and Epidemiology, UCL

Feifei’s area of expertise include longitudinal data analysis, time-to-event analysis, multilevel modelling, and structural equation modelling.

Leah Li

Associate Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, UCL

Leah’s areas of expertise include longitudinal data analysis, joint modelling, methods and applications in life course and intergenerational data.

Richard Silverwood

Associate Professor of Statistics, UCL

Richard’s areas of expertise include analysis of longitudinal data, growth modelling, life course epidemiology and survey methodology.

Alexandru Cernat

Associate Professor, University of Manchester

Alex’s areas of expertise include survey methodology, longitudinal data, measurement error, latent variable modelling, new forms of data and missing data.

Eduardo Fe

Senior Lecturer in Social Statistics, University of Manchester

Eduardo’s areas of expertise include Causal Inference; Nonparametric Methods (Estimation and Inference of Conditional Moments; Bootstrapping); Panel Data; Labour and Experimental Economics.

Pia Hardelid

Professor of Epidemiology, UCL

Pia’s areas of expertise include analyses of administrative data, epidemiology, cohort studies.

Giorgio Di Gessa

Lecturer in Data Science, UCL

Giorgio’s area of expertise include regression analysis, longitudinal data analysis, multi-level modelling, and multiple imputations.

George Ploubidis

Professor of Population Health and Statistics, UCL

George’s areas of expertise include: longitudinal data analysis, causal inference, missing data and measurement error.

Rhian Daniel

Reader in Medical Statistics, Cardiff University

Rhian’s areas of expertise include Causal inference, mediation analysis, data-adaptive and doubly robust methods.

Neil Sebire

Professor and Chief Research Information Officer, GOSH-UCL

Neils’ areas of expertise include clinical informatics, applied decision support, clinical data standards, EHR data.


Ellie Iob

Associate Lecturer in Statistics, UCL

Ellie’s areas of expertise include longitudinal data analysis, latent variable modelling, causal inference methods, missing data, and psychiatric epidemiology.

Meredith Martyn

Associate lecturer in Statistics, UCL

Merry’s areas of expertise include study designs, hypothesis testing, survival analysis and regression analysis.

Andrea Aparicio-Castro

Associate lecturer in Statistics, UCL

Andrea’s areas of expertise include multilevel and hierarchical modelling, data harmonisation and integration, estimation and forecasting, empirical Bayesian methods, data visualisation, and multivariate analysis.


Dr Rafael Gafoor

Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit, UCL

Dr Tim Morris

MRC Clinical Trials Units, UCL

Dr Tra My Pham

MRC Clinical Trials Units, UCL

Dr Juan Bazo Alvarez

Primary Care & Population Health, UCL

Lucy Karwatowska

UCL GOS Institute of Child Health